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Exploring Cooperation and Enhancing Synergy between catagory II centers and Unesco

UNESCO Category 2 Centers are a global network of outstanding institutions operating within UNESCO’s specialized domains. Established upon Member States’ requests, in cooperation with UNESCO, and under its technical supervision, these centers endeavor to promote both the host country’s and UNESCO’s strategic objectives.

Currently, eight Category 2 Centers are based in Iran, focusing on various fields of natural sciences and culture. These centers are dedicated to research, knowledge production, policy advice, and capacity building.

On 24 June 2024, UNESCO Tehran Office organized a meeting themed “Exploring Cooperation and Enhancing Synergy between Category II Centers and UNESCO,” aiming to advance national, regional, and global development goals.

 A respresentative from Tehran ICH Centre participated in this meeting and expressed the centre’s willingness to further cooperations with Catagory II centres based in Iran and Unesco Tehran Office.

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