Objectives and Functions

As per the Centre’s Agreement and Constitution, the following objectives and functions are depicted for the Tehran ICH Centre:Objectives:

(a)  to promote the 2003 Convention and its implementation in West and Central Asia (hereinafter referred to as the “Region”);

(b)  to strengthen the capacity of the UNESCO Member States in the Region to safeguard intangible cultural heritage;

(c) to further cooperation and knowledge exchange for safeguarding intangible cultural heritage present in the Region, including shared intangible cultural heritage present in the territories of two or more of the States concerned.


(a) to organize long-term and short-term training workshops and field-based training activities, in accordance with the UNESCO global strategy in this field;

(b) to create and keep up to date an automated information system registering and linking governmental and non-governmental institutions, research, educational and information institutions, community organizations and individual experts involved in the safeguarding of intangible cultural heritage in the States of the Region that have expressed the wish to cooperate through the Centre;

(c) to gather and disseminate information on legal, administrative, financial and other measures taken by the states participating in the Centre with a view to safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage present in their territory;

(d) to cooperate and exchange information with other Category 2 Centres in and beyond Asia that are active in the field of safeguarding intangible cultural heritage;

(e) to inform the Secretariat of the 2003 Convention about relevant activities in the Region and to assist as appropriate in the implementation of the 2003 Convention.