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International Webinar on the Ancient Turkic Calendar and Its Reflection in the World Outlook of the Peoples of Central Asia14 March 2024, Almaty, Kazakhstan

On 14 March 2024, the Regional Research Centre for Safeguarding Intangible Cultural Heritage in West and Central Asia Under the Auspices of UNESCO (Tehran ICH Centre) participated in an international webinar focusing on the “Ancient Turkic Calendar and Its Reflection In the World Outlook of the Peoples of Central Asia”.

Dr Atusa Momeni, the Director-General of the Tehran ICH Centre, delivered the opening remarks, highlighting the shared knowledge and common heritage of West and Central Asia, a region steeped in history, traditions, and wisdom passed down through generations. She specifically discussed the Turkic calendar and its importance in shaping the worldview of the peoples of Central Asia.

Dr Momeni emphasized the importance of calendar systems as significant achievements that provide guidance for the future based on past experiences and lessons learned.

In accordance with and in the spirit of the 2003 UNESCO Convention, she underscored the necessity of identifying and safeguarding the shared knowledge of the peoples of West and Central Asia as a crucial step in fostering mutual understanding and solidarity that transcends borders, uniting the region in its common history.

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